Manual Pool Rescue Skills


Manual Pool Rescue Skills


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The  manual Pools Rescue skills from the Reddingsbrigade Nederland  contains all the material needed to follow the course the course and be and to take the exam well prepared.

The Pool Rescue Skills course (ZRZ) was developed in 2006 by the Dutch Rescue Brigade in collaboration with the National Swimming Safety Council (NRZ).

The certificate has now become a household name in the swimmingpool industry. After obtaining the ZRZ certificate, the student masters the basic techniques for rescuing a victim in a swimming pool environment and knows the theory about (preventing) drowning.

This course has been specifically designed for (future) swimming pool employees. Pool employees can reasonably be expected to perform a rescue safely and adequately. The ZRZ certificate allows , a pool employee to demonstrate that they have these skills.

During the course, the student will learn,  among other things, to recognize people in distress, to perform a wet and a dry rescue with various rescue and assistive devices.

In addition, the student  will learn to apply various transport and rescue manoeuvres and will practice how to perform a rescue as a part of a team in case studies. Students who pass the exam
receive a certificate from Reddingsbrigade Nederland  with a validity of 2 years. 

The Pool Rescue Skills manual of Reddingsbrigade Nederland contains all the material neede to follow the course and to take the exam well prepared.

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